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Etalon Research are a small engineering consultancy that provide services ranging from holistic product R&D, through to specific software or hardware design to support your own industrial or academic research.

How could we help you?


Please use the form below to send us a message. We look forward to discussing your application!


Consultancy and Ideation

Many of our customers have an idea for a product, but aren't sure what measurement technique, software or hardware would be best to use. We can offer a range of services to support your development work, no matter what phase you're currently at:

  • Fundamental research

  • Algorithm development

  • Computational simulation

  • Experimental testing and validation rigs

  • Prototype production

  • Manufacturing support

Camera-independent adjustment mechanism for LIF optics

Mechanical Design

We have significant experience of designing electro-mechanical devices, for both one-off and mass production. These range from large-scale ruggedised industrial units to miniature disposable plastic components.

We are happy to provide you with drawings alone, or alternatively supply you with complete assembled components.

Electronics and Software

Most projects require custom electronics of some sort, be it for stand-alone control of hardware, or more complex data capture, operating in conjunction with bespoke PC-based software.

We have experience of developing systems ranging from embedded real-time video processors, to high-bandwidth analogue signal analysers. Conversely, if all you need is a simple USB connected temperature sensor, we can do that too!

Photomultiplier array and support electronics

System for monitoring the 6-DOF alignment of a machine at distance

Complete System Development

You have a measurement problem, and you just want it solved.

Fortunately, that's what we specialise in. In many cases, our customers don't necessarily care what measurement technique is used, or what processing is being done behind the scenes: they just want a device that is easy to use, and capable of providing them with the data they want.

Our Customers

We typically work with universities, research institutes and industrial R&D departments. Specifically, we have particular experience in the aerospace; civil engineering, and medical fields.


Don't think however that you need to be a big company to get in touch! We are always happy to get involved with smaller, creative projects.


Etalon Research Ltd.

Stanhope House, Harrington Mills

Leopold Street, Long Eaton

NG10 4QE

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 2476 10 20 40

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